Neil Anthony Concerts

Bio and Concert Information

My concerts are a trip down a “musical memory lane” featuring favourite Australian, American, English and Italian songs. With guitar and ukulele I present an easy listening variety of songs that you will all know. I also include some of my own distinctive original songs such as “Tamworth Country Gold", “The World’s Greatest Me”, “Peanut Butter on Toast” and “April the 25th”. I have been making return visits to many venues for more than 10 years and have a large regular roster.

Bookings - generally you would need to book several months in advance however I may have an earlier date available if required.

The Cost is very economical with no equipment hire necessary and no Agent’s fees or GST.

Do not hesitate to contact me. I love to visit new places and meet new groups (Contact Neil).

Here is some information about Neil Anthony

Club Entertainer – I have appeared as a cabaret entertainer in RSL clubs and venues throughout the Sydney region. I have worked for such agents as Skeed Entertainment, Ian Clifton Promotions and The Roland Agency. I am a Club Talent Quest Winner and on numerous occasions a Finalist.

Entertainment for Seniors – I have 25 years' experience providing entertainment for seniors in Aged Care, Respite Care and Retirement Facilities. A regular entertainer at some places for more than 10 years.

Repertoire – I have an extensive repertoire of English, Australian, American and Italian songs. My concerts include a wide variety of styles and genres of music. From the 40’s through to the 60’s, 70’s and up to the present day. I have selected some of the era’s most popular songs. I cover such artists as John Denver, Helmut Lotti, Slim Dusty, Dean Martin, John Williamson, Elvis, The Beatles, Peter Allen and George Formby ..etc … etc … (too many to mention).   

Trained Singer – I had seven years of singing tuition with Noel Melvin, Joan Allen and then Merran McLaren (A1 Professional Music Studios).

Guitarist – five years training in guitar and music theory with various teachers including Rod Slattery and Don Andrews. The early days

Ukulele – self-taught over many years.

Compere (MC) If you need entertainment and a Master of Ceremonies (MC) then I am comfortable in that role. As MC I provide a friendly, professional yet light-hearted management to the proceedings.

Songwriter – I have written and/or co-written over 200 songs. Approximately 70 of these have been recorded and released on various CDs. Many have been played on radio stations throughout Australia and overseas.

Sound Equipment - I bring my own quality Yamaha sound equipment. I can cater for small audiences or up to 150 people.

Bands – Now solo, in my early years I performed as singer songwriter guitarist in rock and pop bands such as Tolpuddle, Jigsaw, Stonehenge, Little Ashley and the Incurables and The Heartbeats.

Neil's hit songs on radio – – My music has been heard by millions of people on radio throughout Australia and overseas. I have had several of my original songs in the Music Charts. My song 'Farmer's Face' reached #21 with 6 weeks on the National Country Tracks Top 40 and in the Netherlands reached #35 on a Country Music Chart. My song 'The Grey Nomads' charted as high as 25 and my song 'Peanut Butter on Toast' reached #20 with 8 weeks on the Country Tracks Top 40. My song 'Tamworth Country Gold' charted at 79 on the Hot Country 100. Click here to listen to Neil being interviewed by Tracy and the BIG D on 104.9 Sunshine FM

Neil Anthony Background Story

My first memory of wanting to play music was as a four year old trying to climb up on Grandma's piano stool. It took a few years but by about age six I was able to climb up and began tinkering on the piano keys. I found that some notes sounded nice together and made chords. I found that some notes followed each other nicely to form melodies. I had no technical knowledge. It was just about what sounded right to my ear.

The music bug really bit me in my early teens and it is still just as strong today. Born in Sydney I was then raised in Orange by the foothills of the Blue Mountains.  I bought my first guitar from money earned cherry picking at local orchards during the Christmas holidays and my Mum and Dad agreed to pay for guitar lessons. By age sixteen I was rhythm guitarist and backup singer in a local rock band. I found myself performing at the Friday night 50/50 dances in front of hundreds of people. It was at this time that I also started writing my own songs. I was hooked by the music, the spontaneity and the vibe.

After High School I wanted to go to University so I moved to Sydney where I graduated from UTS in Accountancy. Meanwhile my part time music career ticked along well. I formed a new wave rock band and did support gigs in the big pubs for many of the great Aussie Rock Bands such as Cold Chisel, The Mentals, The Angels and INXS to mention a few. Importantly, I also developed my cabaret singing act and took seven years of singing lessons with Noel Melvin, Joan Allen and then Merran McLaren. I learnt my stage craft performing in the Club Talent Quests all over Sydney. When I started to win the Club Talent Quests, Agents began booking me to do “Floor Spots” in RSLs.

Then, one Saturday I answered an advert for “Auditions” in the Herald and was invited to join an Many faces of Neil Anthonyentertainment troupe called “The Sunnyside Concert Party”. My initial role was to do a 10 minute spot with Ukulele singing George Formby songs and then later in the show I came back with guitar and did a 10 minute spot à la John Denver complete with the yodel. The Show was real old time “variety” with vaudeville thrown into a more modern content. Here I was able to perform with some of the best live entertainers that I have ever seen. Truly the magic of entertainment was always there. The Show had a moving roster of acts including acclaimed magicians such as “Allano”, professional dancers such as “The Astors”, ventriloquist Cec Parkee, marimba player Larry Larkin, saxophonist John Vassallo as well as incredible singers like Jenny Howard, Vince Spanos, Shiela Zines and Kaye Osborn along with singer and compere Alison Manno. For most of the Shows the MD was Corinne Rankin who in earlier days had worked with some of Sydney’s top big bands in that fifties era. Working with this group provided me with a wealth of show biz experience. It was entertainment for a big stage. While back stage with a cast of up to 15 people it was also entertaining. There were some incredible back stage “catastrophes” including wardrobe malfunctions, lost instruments, lost music, misplaced panties and missing moustaches. Meanwhile out front “the show must go on” was the motto. After performing in hundreds of shows with “The Sunnysiders” at Town Halls and Clubs including many repeat bookings the times moved on. It was about variety. It was about entertainment. A Show that always came from a place outside of life’s problems. For me too it was a place like that.

I then decided to go solo and for several years now I have been performing my Neil Anthony Concerts at Clubs, Community Halls, Shopping Malls and events. I perform two or three times a week and have a regular roster of about 50 venues. On one day I might be singing for 20 or 30 people at a local Nursing Home or Respite Care Centre then on another day I might be singing for 120 people at an RSL or Leagues Club. One highlight was visiting China to teach at a University. I took my guitar and was booked to perform in nightclubs and appeared on TV. The Mayor came to see me perform and gave me the title of “The Love Song Prince” . It was reported in the local media.

I have released four solo Albums, Neil Anthony VOLUME 4, Neil Anthony EASY TIME, Neil Anthony Concert Mix and Neil Anthony City Meets Country. There is more information about these CDs on this web site – so please have a look. They include some well-known cover songs and a selection of my own songs. My cover versions will never out do the original but I hope that my versions of such classics as "Country Roads", "Ghost Riders", "Here Comes the Sun", "O Solé Mio", "Volaré", and "Count on Me" etc go far enough to capture some of the excitement of those immortal tunes. For my own original songs I have included those which are all audience favourites. Songs that my audiences have responded to. Many of these original songs are also played on radio.

Over 250 radio stations throughout Australia have played my music. My song "April the 25th" has been played on mainstream commercial radio - on the John Laws show, by Bob Rogers on 2CH and on local radio stations from every state including Macca's "Australia All Over" program through 50+ stations on the ABC network and the "Good Morning Country" show on 80+ community radio stations. My songs "Farmer's Face", "Tamworth Country Gold", "Peanut Butter on Toast" and "The Grey Nomads" have received national Australian radio coverage and even overseas in Europe, UK and a country network in the USA. "Farmers Face" charted in Australia to #21 in July 2016 while it reached #35 in the Netherland's Country Chart. "Tamworth Country Gold" charted at 79 on the Hot Country 100, "Peanut Butter on Toast" charted as high as 20 with eight weeks on the Country Tracks National Top 40 and in December 2015 my song "The Grey Nomads" also charted reaching 25 on the National Country tracks Top 40. In recent years my YouTube channel and my digital presence on Spotify and other web based platforms has grown in popularity. My original song “Wishing you a Merry Christmas” was released to radio and online in December 2018. The song achieved success on radio reaching #40 in the Country Tracks Top 40. While online the song has more than 50,000 views on my YouTube Channel and is getting online radio play. In 2021 I released my fourth solo album, aptly titled, Neil Anthony “Volume 4”. Quite a few of the tracks on this album have also been released as singles and received considerable airplay.

Despite the many lost gigs due to the COVID pandemic I am now back doing regular shows. In the meantime during ‘covid’ times I continued writing and recording and started to release tracks planned for my Fifth Album. I released my 61st song called “A Country Song” in September 2022 and my 62nd song called “Never Pass this Way Again” in September 2023. Both have received airplay in Australia and internationally. Much more to come!!

The audiences have been very appreciative – for which I am always grateful.

Please let me invite you to come along and be part of one of my Neil Anthony Concerts. Let’s have a real good time!

Thank you.

Happy days and best wishes Neil Anthony